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my throat bleeds of screaming
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Date:2006-02-07 17:58

you know i was thinking a lot more about the whole guy thing. maybe things aren't supposed to go right for me. not to bring anything down, but yeah i'm thinking maybe i should just worry about school other than just having those little high school crushes you know? it's really not going to lead me to anything. and if britt does tke the chances of actually liking me that's great, i mean i have no problem with him in a matter of fact i'd say yes.lol. as a matter of fact school's been going pretty good i guess. there's something wrong though; my grades, so far i've got an A in Art, D in biology ? in geometry and ? in yearbook, speaking of yearbook

today i was abad girl and i got off campus for fourth period. not likeit mattered or anything because well yearbook you don't do anything and it's manditory to get out of class in order to get pictures. so kara and i left class after the teacher gave roll and we went to walk around campus.leading us to go to cool river pizza. where benny ted andbig red were chilling... it was fun just hanging out there. they were talking about their first experiences with you know ahem.i don't have any so i was the baby of the group.lol. went back to campus and hung out.

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Date:2005-12-07 17:08

so i'm officially a loner...

recently todd and james have been acting like assholes.
they've been acting like it since the beginning of this year.
you know i thought they were my friends... i was wrong.
todd was only in it for james, and james was only in it for todd.
so of it all i was played.
i'm glad that i'm not talking to them nor am i their friend.
i feel much more liberated.
and now i know who my real friends are...
i can't believe i took them out to dinner on my birthday.

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Date:2005-08-10 16:34
Mood: blah

so lastnight was the craziest ever!
on monday night miles slept over and we had ober fun just jummpin around and doing gymnastics all around the living room. it was really fun, my mom said no more ppl could sleep over than miles that night so yeah we tried sneaking in james. but that didn't work since the kids[knephews] were still awake and yeah we weren't gonna hide james all night under the bed. miles and i stayed up all night just doing gymnastics and watching movies it was pretty fun but by 5 am i got knocked out and fell asleep.

tuesday morning like at around 9. my mom woke me up and i totally forgot about miles, and when i opened my eyes i literally screamed cus i saw james next to me. my mom and everyone that was in the house left and went to denys so i was home alone with james and miles. james brought his friend sarah along. sarahs a sweet<3. even if she's 20 and dresses like a boy but that doesn't count, so yeah they brought alcohol. i swear i didn't have any. but all 3 of em were completely drunk to the point were they wanted to pass out. we played strip poker and guess who won?... yours truely woot woot. hahaha yeah it was quite funny i didn't even have to get drunk cus i was like light headed cus i didn't sleep for like 2 days straight. so yeah we watched house of a 1000 corpses . then sarah left.

later they were still buzzed up and we went walking to blockbuster. it was so hot outside it was crazy. so miles and james took their shirts off and i well i can't cus i'm a girl and i got my resons why not to. we rented MAY and DONIE DARKO. so yeah on the way back i got a piggy back ride from james it was fun.

oh but later that night it was crazy. during donnie darko everyone but me lost their boundaries. they all started making out,[miles and james]. it was really hot, cus two of the hottest boys that i've personally know were making out on my bed. that;s freaking hot as hell. my mom came home and well idk if she saw them or anything but she was being very awkward. i don't like my mom when it comes to those situations of sexual orientations. i just don't, shes closed minded and i just wish we'd sit down and talk about this, cus i seriously am uncomfortable about that. anyways yeah it was all so freakin hot, there was A LOT of biting and stuff. then i got a phone call from trevor[caseys ex] yeah he was drunk and so were his freinds. it was horrible cus his friends were talking sh!t about casey and trevor didn't do a thing about it.so yeah i got pissed and well i couldn't bare but to freakin yell and i ran to the bathroom. miles and james were really worried about the things i'd do in that bathroom.,both know that i used to cut and there were tons of sharp objects so i sat in the corner of the bathroom and tried not to cry but goodness i wanted to just cut and freakin A miles kicked the door open and both of em tried making me feel better. i <3 those 2.and that was my night. good and bad,

today i was supposed to go to a doctors appointment but i couldn't cus i totally went into a depression mode and it was just horrible everything just went black and i knocked out. my mom found me in my bathroom.andever since she's been so worried about me. so she's been watching me like crazy.

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Date:2005-08-07 17:08

so basically i ruined my best friends life. he liked my other "close" friend that hasn't talked to me, but really he thought i was pissed at him.

miles came over the other day and you know how miles likes james.well you see james told him that he wasn't bi so that totally nade miles really uncomfortable and sad at the same thing cus he felt rejected. so anyways miles kept texting james and well he said what he and todd had was a joke to him and hopefully todd would think the same way and unfortunately that's not how it went down. i completely froze when he said it was a joke. so yeah i had to break it down to him and well i mean it broke me down to tears,when i told him. it was just a really sad moment.

miles is really becoming one of my best friends and i like it cus he's really cool and nice . idk I just know that i can be honest with him and i've been completely open with him and vise versa... believe me i'm NOT falling for him. cus you know it's miles. well ttyl

so yeah today's the Queer as Folk finale. and i'm gonna cry cus i love that show... talk about worth buying the box set. oh and.... guess what everyone.... the thundercats season 1 dvd set is coming out on tuesday... woot woot im gonna make james and miles come with me to purchase it.


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Date:2005-08-02 15:49
Mood: happy

OMG I don't think i've ever had so much fun in my life till lastnight especially with these ladies and this gentleman:Miles.

alright they came over last night like at around 10pm and just hung out. they came home with wendy's [yayness!]. so yeah we all ate in my living room believe me i've got a wierd LR. can you believe it there;s a bed in it, ok so back to what i was saying. jessica hasn;t seen me since she drove me home from school one day and i was wearing nothing but a skirt and a pink shirt oh yeah and with some black chucks oh yeah. anyways so yeah we hugged and she made me fall down on the bed which was fun and it was fun. jess pretended to rape me omfg I <3 Jessica! Not to mention the friends she brought along. see i knew miles from before like we hung out like twice. so miles,kim, and ashley came over aswell and we had ober fun! we took weird pics and well i'm not really much of a piccy person so i sat out most of em all though i was invited to. plus i didn't know if i was really wanted to take pics with em since i've only met them once but i realised that these girls are just having fun and want to as well so just loosin up don't be so uptight so by the end of the night i did loosin up and by goodness i was one of the life's of the party mhm.  then they had to leave and we all hugged and were like omfg no don't leave. so yeah after it all miles called me like at 12:.30am and we talked the night away.i've never really opened up to someone so well not even my own mother and there i found myself pooring everything out to some friend that i've only hung out with twice and vice versa..and i know i could really trust him cus you know, it's miles.

lady's night outCollapse )

so tomorrow night we might be going to the drive in oh yeah miles jessica and a whole lot a ppl. yeah miles and i have to hide in the freakin trunk how fun yeah?. and james will be taking miles and i to the mall tomorrow after he takes his senior pics. but he can't go to the drive in cus of him he has to go church. so yeah there goes james. anyways the other night my parents were out of town and you know the rule when they're gone "no boys!" . yeah well i was kind of a bad girl and snuck him into my room. yeah he didn't have to jump a window nor a fence cus the fence is easy to open and i have those big sliding window doors ha yeah so we were just chilling there on my bed watching house of a thousand corpses. it was fun then miles called and we had fun with him for a while. then 4 o'clock [a.m.] came along and he was falling asleep and so was i. so he went home and i fell asleep like a baby. lol

<333 love you all

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Date:2005-07-31 19:17

                         these are emilies. aren't they cute

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Date:2005-07-13 14:22

well there's really not much to say but i go back to school on august 18th and that's really a bummer, cus as much as i like school i'm not willing to go back to that hell hole where everyone is so judgemental and a critic. anyways enough about that. i didn't get to go to warped at all and the main point of going for me was sir CLINT STOCKDALE & DREW THOMAS. Yeah as how you may all know next best thing has lost some of their band members matt and rick. all though i do miss the two and i don't think i can replace them with the new members... brooke and mike.anyways yeah i was supposed to bake NBT cookies[which i did] and go to warped [which i couldn't] and hang with them [that would be lovely]. so if your tour date is before august 15th i totally recommend that you guys should check these guys out cus believe me you'll regret it. so yeah there's a lot of cool stuff going on now a days my friend david is such a cool guy i like him even more for the hell of it. so yesh this is what sir david did he sent me a pic of him and his friend Terry making out. so that means BOY TOUCHING!!! Yeah and it's really hot. and i could never really imagine him doing that... wait i take that back yes he can. and i htink he should do it more often mhm. well when around me of course. anyways yeah i don't think i have anything else to rant or be all cheerful about now. so i guess this is good bye all and yeah


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Date:2005-07-09 23:13

so yesterday i went to go see fantastic four with my knephew and my sister. it was fun cus you should've seen the face of my knephew when he was watching it . he looked so cute. btw the movie was really good i give it a lot of thumbs up or whatever works. yeah so i had fun yesterday plus stephya nd i agreed that mrs. fields cookies and philedelphia cream cheese wasmurder scene hahahah yeah i know fun fun fun!!! oh and today i went to the mall and my friend stephy called at around two and so she ended up being at the same mall i was so we just hung out there than we went home and hung for a few until she got ready. when she was done we went to several of art galleries down in downtown sacramento which i must say they do have a lot of things there that are quite interesting. i wanted to stay at the first place we went to they had really good statues one that was called "pregnant with hope" was my fav. it looked marvolous. anyways.

i stole this from mayra;s [Fanxx00_0]LJ

Thirteen random things you like:

01) experimenting w/ nailpolishes
02) stuffed animals
03) Jamba Juice
04) starbucks coffee
05) mrs. fields cookies [they're murder scene]
06) Books
07) sketchbook
08) video camera
09) cell phone
10) cds
11) lemons
12) cranberries
13) strawberries

Twelve movies:
01) the hot chick
02) Napoleon Dynamite
03) The Lion King
04) Finding Nemo
05) mean girls
06) Grind
07) white chicks
08) Star Wars
09) Shrek 1&2
10) haggard
11) the notebook
12) how to loose a guy in 10 days

Ten things about yourself
01) I <3 it when ppl play w/ my hair.
02) I <3 playing w/ adams apples.
03) I hate self centered ppl.
04) I don't like choosing sides between friends taht hate each other
05) I like to read
06) I think scottish/english & australian accents are hot stuff.
07) I'm honest about things at the wrong time.
08) I stay up late every night talking on the phone
09) I love hanging out with friends and meeting new ones too
10) I'm very random

Nine good friends:
01) stephy
02) todd
03) sarah
04) Amanda
05) Sam
06) david
07) johnny
08) casey[bff]
09) Trevor

Eight favourite foods/drinks:
01) cranberry apple juice
02) mountain dew
03) cheese
04) fries
05) italian food
06) mesxican food
07) the olive garden
08) Mushrooms & Broccoli with white sauce

Six things that annoy you:
01) relatives (some)
02) babies crying
03) over dramatic ppl
04) stupid sluts
05) someone's fan club [todds]
06) men that don't have respect towards women

Five things you touch everyday:
01) books
02) my bed
03) my PC and keyboards as well as the good stuff that comes along with it.
04) pencils and pen.
05) bathroom.

Four shows you watch:
01) music videos
02) queer as folk
03) everybody loves raymond
04) MXC

Three People you have a crush on:
01) ******
02) ****

Two things you Hate:
01) i decided not to hate anything
02) .

One thing you love:
01) Sleeping.

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Date:2005-06-30 12:15
Mood: weird

ok i'm back from new york which sucks cus i really liked it over there. plus Marilyn is like my second mommy she should've just adopted me right there and then.

i have horrible news *cries* *sniffle* matt and rick of next best thing quit and so now their getting replacements =[ i'ts not the same though all though their new bass player is pretty hot.*sniffle*. i had to tell todd and he was <3 broken as well and so we cried together on the phone [how pathetic r we lol jkjk] anyways so yeah todd says he'll be up here by warped tour and we're gonna google all over clint and drew and maybe over the new members even though it's not the same as before all though i've never seen them live but i dreamt of the day. so yeah that was really sad and horrific.

so yesterday something intersesting happened. i don't know where it came from or anything but i had this overwhelming feeling to doze off and sleep. so i did cus you know i did have an all nighter talking to todd like i do every night [now]. so there i went to sleep in the back yard by their pool which i must say is my favorite place to be other than the living room. anyways back to what i was saying i had this very awkward dream, it all started out with todd, stephy, trevor, james, and I hanging out at the Underground[for those of you who don't live by the roseville area it's a little coffee shop in which every night there's a band playing]. i remember still life projector was playing in the background and we were just laughing and crap hanging out at the parking lot. when all of a sudden we appear to be inside and having a party and the cast of "popular"[don't tell me that you forgot about that show!?!] was there. for some odd reason i was passing out the drinks and condoms with cigarrettes [yeah i know, WTF?!?] anyways then all of a sudden i turn into rachel leigh cook and i'm sitting there with my friends when freddie prince jr. [i'll admit it, i did have a thing for him lol *giggles*] walks up to me. and of course i was stunned! and earlier i guess he was my bf or something cus we were arguing and crap[something about the past =\ *shrugs*] so then we stopped arguing and hugged/cuddled [WTF?!?]. then liv tyler was my sister [YAY!] so we went home and she brought her bf so i brought freddie home. we sat in the room and layed on our beds [Liv and I shared a room]watching tv. when Liv and her bf start making out. I was slightly laying to the side but my arm was on freddies chest and my hand was playing with his adam's apple [haha even in dreams i'm doing that... adams apples are fun to play with] then things got a little further,i started kissing his neck [shoot i wouldn't even do that in real life. i'm a good girl] and i felt the scruffiness of his slightly shaved 5 o'clock shadow. Everything felt so real i felt everything. and i used the 3 words i hardly ever use now a days on him "I LOVE YOU". and he returned it. nothing else happened other than that and he slept over [i guess it was a heart warming moment]. it was morning and my mom and dad had awaken just when we were trying to sneak him and liv's bf out of the house... and then i heard my parents going down the stairs [it's funny how i dreamt of marlyn's house instead of my own.] so liv's bf escaped and freddie didn't make it which we tried hiding him in the fridge [seriously WTF?!?] then my mom came down and saw him so she tried hiding him in the kitchen cabinets yeah then my dad came i didn't care anymore so i told him to sit down on the couch and pretend like he just arrived. then i woke up cus trevor got in the pool and splashed me, but it was fun and the dream it's not the weirdest one i've had but it was awkward cus freddie was there and he was my bf.[i feel all teeny boppin like right now.]

then todd called and i had to get out of the pool... he told me the most funniest thing that's escaped his mouth. OMG i wish i could tell y'all but i promised not to say anything. so basically i guess i'm teasing you all. lol. oh and so we kept talking for hours and it was funny cus he took tina my fav purple lamb stuffed animal that i've had since the 4th grade, because he wanted something to remember me by [since he moved to TX.] yeah tina wasn'tin much good condition, she had her head sown on by me so it's crooked and she has a huge rip on her crotch region [idk y] but he kept on saying that he was turned on by the way she looked at him and he kept on doing voices and sound affects such as moaning and immitating tina's voice =/. i want my tina back. anyways i got home today as i mentioned before lol. and so i

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Date:2005-06-24 14:52

so hello everyone... greetings from NY. Caseys funeral was beautiful and it made me realize of how much more of a beautiful person he was . such a sweet and loyal boy i mean i knew him since i was born but i've been far away fron him but so close at the same time. it's conjusing i know, but yeah there was a lot of ppl there and i did cry so much... it hurts you know it really does. and yesterday i was just in cali and now i'm in NY. this all seems like a horrible dream. and to top it all off one of my best cali friends just moved back to Texas... he might be coming back for the summer though i know it's basically useless going back. well anyways back to what i was saying ... i don't want to go back to cali i can live out here in NY ... casey's mom is like my second mother and his brother and sister ashley[bro] and courtney[sis] love me. well i gotta go bye bye

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Date:2005-06-15 18:45
Mood: sad

so recently my friends slept over since thursday.

stephy, todd, and james came over on thurs. and we just hung out, it was fun having those three over and making a video about it all we made a "paris hilton sex tape" remake which i must say was really funny cus everyone took their turn being paris and acting stupid. HAHAHAHA during the whole thing my mom kept on walking into my room and gosh stephy ran into the bathroom oh stephy james saw your panties when your skirt fell onro the ground.  then it was time for james to go to san fransisco :'[. we spent the night going to blockbuster and bel-air. it wwas fun except for when we came back cus todd was having a mental breakdown about going back to texas.

we had fun just watching tv and ranting about everything. stephy, oh stephy hahaha you have a new addiction dear. then stephy went home, it was late at night like at around 10ish when jessica and marissa came over. they about ruined my night cus they're

  1. loud
  2. annoying
  3. flirts
  4. stupid

yeah and then marissa ended up staying the night with todd and i

was suposed to go to a party with david [brothers friend] but i kinda refused to go [sorry steph i know you wanted to go]. I called stephy at around 12 am yeah i know late but let's just say that we call each other late at night just to talk about anything. don't really remember what we did on saturday but todd and marissa were still sleeping over.

went to see Madagascar with todd, my brother, and marissa. yeah i know we conviced my bro to go with us but he kept on refusing uintil we said pretty plese. had fun all though marissa kept on accusing todd and i of getting too close during the movie all though we didn't... you call leaning your head on his shoulder and him laying his head on your head close? i do that with everyone! anyways the movie was over and todd had to go home. the car ride to todd's granndparent's was horrible i had such a mental breakdown i'm sure everone noticed that i cried.

Todd came over and basically slept over. we were suposed to go to the movies with james to go watch mr, and mrs. smith but james never came back from san fransisco. found out horrible news. which i'll explain later.

marissa was on medication which caused my mom to not want her to sleep over any more cus of several reasons. todd and i had to take her to my room from the living room carrying to be exact and she's not as light as a feather either. marissa said i cried in my sleep which i'll exolain later. went down to godfathers pizza and got my hair cut by the one and only TODD! took a shower wirh todd in the same bathroom which was fun and not a problem cus i trust the guy and he wouldn't do such a thing,

todd went home earlier. his brother came to pick him up. we watched the mtv movie awards yeah the re runs,

i've got horrible news. yeah my best friend casey has passed away on friday at 5 in the afternoon . the thing i didn't want to happen, happened. and i miss him so much i don't want to ruin this post by making it dramatic but i miss him so much and i would run a million miles to go back in time and prevent everything.i regret telling him to go to the party and have fun i regret not telling him how much he means to me me i regret not being able to be there in new york when his family needs the support the most. the only person that really knows how it's like is stephy and that's because she also knew how casey was. we had plans in life. we were to move out together with stephy and become artists of any kind make our own clothing line and become a band. he was gonna marry me and i was gonna be the most happiest girl alive. but i guess all that is gonna change. the last thing he said to me was "ezzy, i love you and you're my favorite girl." oh wow i can't type this anymore. i wish someone would just say "so long and goodnight" to me, if you catch my drift.



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Date:2005-06-07 18:17
Mood: excited


 Follow up to 2004's "Dear Diary..." with the new single "C.J.", "Cry" re-recorded, "February", Including "Letters Written on a Window" and "Broken Memories" completely remixed and remastered!


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Date:2005-06-03 20:46
Mood: loved

Everyhting's been peachy except for the fact that school is almost out which is a downer cus i like the way things are and i don't want to let go of everyone... so basically it's a downer. which sux and wow i learned not to hate any artists that are out there or just anyone. so basically casey is coming to visit over the summer and i don't want to share him with anyone else... well except for stephy.

oh and my bro's friend David is such a hottie and a sweet nice guy, he works at a wierd place which is the kiss and tell botique which i'm sure you all get my point and yeah he's only 17 and he's been such a nice guy that i think i'm falling for him like WOAH! yes insane i know and especially with one of my bro's friends ...it's pretty crazy . and i think that is all folks g'night

<333 ezzy

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Date:2005-05-30 17:40
Mood: amused

Current Name:: ezzy
Current Clothes:: the used shirt and jeans
Current Mood:: average
Current Music:: kill hannah - raining all the time
Current Taste: lemons
Current Hair:: pony tail and bangs to the side
Current Annoyance:: my friend marissa
Current Favorite Artist:: him
Current Desktop Picture:: Heartagram
Current DVD in player:: rocky horror picture show
Current Refreshment:: water
Current Worry:: Marissa moving over by my place

You Touched:: todd
You Talked to:: my brother
You Hugged:: david
You Instant messaged:: stephy
You Yelled At:: no one

Food:: italian
Drink:: cranberry apple
Album:: for never and ever
Shoes:: doesn't matter i'll wear em'
Candy:: laffy taffy
TV Show:: that's 70's show. viva la bam. i love the 80's
Song:: the used and my chemical romance - under pressure
Cartoon:: rocko's modern life. family guy. american dad. simpsons

Understanding:: yes
Open-minded:: yes
Insecure:: umm...?
Interesting:: sure
Random:: oh yeah
Hungry:: not all the time
Friendly:: yeah
Smart:: oh yeah check out my progress report
Moody:: could be
Childish:: i like to have fun
Hard working:: sometimes
Organized:: so and so
Healthy:: hahahaha
Emotionally Stable:: I think I am
Shy:: not really anymore
Difficult:: sometimes
Attractive:: hecks no
Bored Easily:: nah
Messy:: usually
Thirsty:: not all the time
Responsible:: could be
Obsessed:: somewhat
Angry:: no
Sad:: sometimes
Happy:: most likely yes
Hyper:: yes with or without sweets
Trusting:: yes
Talkative:: yes

Kill:: Hilary Duff... but i don't enforce violence much
Slap:: uhh lol
Look Like:: i don't care i like individuality
Talk To Offline:: anthony
Talk To Online:: anyone

Been in love:: yeah
Cried when someone died:: yep
Lied:: yes

Coke or pepsi:: pepsi
Flowers or candy:: flowers
Tall or short:: tall but shortness is cute tooo so both

what do you notice first:: eyes, hair and lips
last person you slow danced with:: slow danced?

sit on the internet all night waiting for someone special to I.M.you:: no
save conversations:: not really... no
wish you were a member of the opposite sex:: yes and no ... just to know how it'd be like
cried because of someone saying something to you:: nah

fallen for your best friend:: i am now
been rejected:: yep
been cheated on:: no
cheated on someone:: no
done something you regret:: no

colored your hair:: yes i have my hair is a slut
ever get off the computer???:: yes lol
how many people are on ur buddylist:: too many lol
like watching sunrises or sunset:: yep theyre cool
what hurts the most? physical pain or emotional pain:: definately emotional

of continents I have lived in:: does visiting count?
of close friends:: 6
of cd's that I own:: i don't like counting
of scars on my body::a lot but from accidents like falling out of trees and falling basically
of things in my past that I regret:: about 2

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Date:2005-05-22 17:22

"Enjoy The Silence" - DEPECHE MODE -

Words like violence
Break the silence
Come crashing in
Into my little world
Painful to me
Pierce right through me
Can't you understand
Oh my little girl

All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
Is here in my arms
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm

Vows are spoken
To be broken
Feelings are intense
Words are trivial
Pleasures remain
So does the pain
Words are meaningless
And forgettable

All I ever wanted
All I ever needed
Is here in my arms
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm

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Date:2005-05-09 22:42

 - Mindless self indulgence

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Date:2005-04-06 21:40
Mood: horny

so sorry to all that i have not been commenting nor posting. reagards to crap i have to do almost doesn't give me anytime to do what i need to on the PC ='[.

On Tuesday of last week was the taste of chaos and let me tell you it was MAGNIFICENT! I was so close to Gerard and Mikey, Frank wasn't there due to some family issues :'(. Yes i took a picture of gerard but i have not yet uploaded them online... The pit was great and The Used was AMAZING. when they played "On my own" they had everyone take out their cells or lighters and wave them in the air... it looked so beautiful so ughh something that would catch your eye and make you wanna cry. It was the best night of my life so far.

So i "accidentally" bumped into Kyles Myspace (the guy that has todd and i head over converse at school) i have some slight eye candy here... oh so hot!


He's the reason why my mood is a bit uhhh yeah .... lol ...He's so perfect it's so not fair  well anyways i gotta go byes!
<333 ezzy

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Date:2005-03-05 16:51
Mood: happy

I'm the one with the green font and Stephy is in purple... we were making fun of eachother by switching names.

i like it when the red water comes out says:
stephy weffy was a beaver
stephy weffy had a fever
stephy weffy was not ezzy

Stephy says:

i like it when the red water comes out says:

Ezzy says:
I love bert!

Ezzy says:
I likey me mikey!

Ezzy says:
I'm Ezzy!

Stephy says:
oooh i love Brandon AHH

Stephy says:
i'm stephy

Ezzy says:
Kyle *dreamy sigh* SO BEAUTIFUL!

Ezzy says:
His hair is so pretty!

Stephy says:
lets stop and go by the photography classroom just for brandon

Ezzy says:

Ezzy says:

Ezzy says:
MmmmMmmmMmmm Bert is yummy

Stephy says:
Scott! i'm a vegetarian stop lying

Ezzy says:

Stephy says:
i hate the possum!

Stephy says:
i'm not in the mood for your lesbian sex

Ezzy says:
The possum ruined starbucks!

Stephy says:

Ezzy says:
Ashton is a meanie!

Stephy says:
Ashton is a f*%$@in dipsh!t

Ezzy says:
Stop being a bed influence Stephy!

Stephy says:
Iwanna have brandon's punk rock babies

Ezzy says:
I am saving it for marriage and the right person!

Stephy says:
i can't get any

Ezzy says:
Hmmm I think I wanna buy one too (retro)

Stephy says:
Ezzy you're going to the mall with me and we're buying a retro

Ezzy says:

Stephy says:
i bought a leopard print bra... LOOK!

Ezzy says:

Stephy says:

Stephy says:
i peed in a girl's shampoo once

Ezzy says:

Stephy says:
i'm hooking you up with casey whether you like it or not

Stephy says:
ooh you just got inpregnated

Ezzy says:

Stephy says:

Ezzy says:
home skillet~

Stephy says:
I'm too old to go trick or treatinh meh

Stephy says:

Ezzy says:

Stephy says:
ok i'm back

Ezzy says:

Stephy says:
mar mar marr it was weird it was with a towel

Ezzy says:
(Mar mar marr?)) Was it touchy or did you?

Stephy says:
you're such a bad baby sitter

Ezzy says:
g2g I'll call you

Stephy says:

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Date:2005-01-12 19:17


Coheed and Cambria .

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Date:2005-01-12 15:58

Alright quick recap of how my week was so far ... alrighty nothing exciting except for Sunday... YES! Sunday best day ever! First of all. On Sunday I went over to my bestest bestest guy friend.... JAKE . It was fun he invited some guy that goes to his school named Ryan and oooohhhh man ahhh Ryan is a hottie! I don't care about ethnicity i don't give a fuck what others say Ryan is one hot Asian guy i mean AHHH he had his ears gauged and his lip peirced right on the side i want mine on the right, AND he can play the Guitar soooo good it was amazing watching his fingers fly up and down the fret board. I guess when Jake said that i would like him he was right it's amazing how he knows me so well. I got a chance to meet breanna (a.k.a. brie) Jake's girlfriend she's the most nices, sweetest little girl i've ever met I can see why He's so happy with her... just looking at them together was just the cutest thing , i'm really happy for them =D . But man oh man they played the drums and Guitar (ryan played the guitar and Jake played the drums) it was amazing. they played Jaded... these years by mest and a couple of Finch songs like What It is to Burn . Twas great! After that we played Halo 2 and yes i got my ass kicked so many times =/., House of the dead III (yeah the same one that's at the century theaters arcade... I kicked ass in that one yes sir!) , Sonic the Hedgehog ( yeah kick it old school Biotches!) I played with Jakes doggys max & soffy.and until it was 8:30 and my dad called so he can pick me up.

Yesterday ... i missed you stephy!
Today ... i still missed you stephy , I felt good after donating money to the charlotte foundation thing, I'm going to her funeral on Saturday, i know i'm gonna cry so much =*[. Bus ride home was hilarious! Ashton, Amanda, James and I sat right next to each other and it was fun although James was in the back and all he wanted to do was listen to his cd player so Ashton, Amanda, and I were talking about stuff and just laughng... Ash kept on talking about how much he would love to hit Dan with a shovel on the backside of his head and stick a hose up his ass into his spinal chord... i on the other hand agreed with him because i hate Dan so much for saying shit about Charlotte, being such a man Whore, and an Asshole! Talked more about other stuff than he said i complain too much but it was all good because i don't mind Ashton saying bad things to me because really i kno he doesn't mean it.

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